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Content Creation: so, You Want to be a Content Creator?

Content Creation: so, You Want to be a Content Creator?

These days everybody is into some type of content creation. Whether it’s consuming the content or creating it, you are a part of it.

And you play a significant role either as a creator or as a consumer.

It is true that if you ask a school student what they want to be when they grow up many of them will answer that they want to be a YouTuber or a streamer.

Or any other type of social media influencer.

A huge amount of them will know the name of Mr. Beast while not necessarily knowing what he does exactly. And yet they know that it’s something “cool” and worth looking up to.

They might not yet understand what it means to be a content creator or how to distinguish good content from bad.

All they might know is that you can make money out of it and slowly by slowly figuring out how to do it themselves.

A lot of times abandoning their school work, congesting their minds with this global content creation craze.

Photo by Nathan Cima on Unsplash

Of course, not everybody is able to make it as a content creator even if you do everything by the book and try your best.

Sometimes what you might lack is just a little bit of luck or the right circumstances. Or you simply don’t have it in you.

But let’s not end this talk with the harsh truth. Good thing that content creation is a very broad concept.

Content creation is not just on YouTube or TikTok, in video formats, it’s not just entertainment, content creation can be in various forms and I believe that everyone can find their vein of gold in it.

If one shoe doesn’t fit, then another one will be just perfect size for you.

Guess what? Even advertising is content.

Yes, it might not be the same as creating something for yourself, something fun and enjoyable all the time, but it is still content and it is still creation.

You’re an artist? Then you also create content. Even if you’re restricted by commercialism and corporate ways of doing things.

Unfortunately, even those content creators who seem like they can do everything they want, are still restricted by the same things as people working in corporate jobs.

Most of the big content creators get sponsorships and get into affiliate programs to be able to survive by doing what they want. And those who don’t might be even losing money instead of making it.

Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash

Producing good quality content all the time is costly. And not everybody can be Mr. Beast.

That is why it’s more advisable to look at content creation as a hobby instead of a job. Sure, you can monetize your hobby, and this is the point of this whole discussion.

Many people these days start making content with an intention to make money.

However, it shows, and, I believe, in a long run those content creators don’t end up being happy with what they’ve been doing.

You surely want to avoid such things.

You want to be a genuinepassionate and reputable content creator.

Now being that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to be easier for you because either way if you take content creation seriously and want to do something big, you will definitely reach a point of burnout.

All the time we see how big names in the industry announce that they are quitting or that they need a break. This is often because of burnout.

So, the point that I’m trying to make is that even if content creation seems like a dream come true, especially if you can make money out of it, just like with every type of work, it comes with its own costs.

And you have to take it in mind before you start on your journey on becoming a content creator.

The best advice you can find anywhere online is to take it slow.

Don’t go all in from the beginning. Don’t buy expensive equipment straight away without knowing what you’re going to make, without having a good plan and without the right amount of confidence.

Maybe start by exploring and trying out different things before you feel that you can settle on creating your own brand.

Figure out what are your personal qualities, who you are, what you care about the most, your values, your skills, what do you want to share with others.

This is how you build confidence and your personal brand.

The thing is, when you start content creation from zero and you don’t have any following yet, all you can do is putting your best content out there and just hoping for the best.

It is up to you that you make good content but the rest of it is on the consumers.

It takes a long time to build your audience, you can’t rush it, and you can’t buy it. You can only buy it by creating good quality content, something they want to see.

So just take it slow, be genuine and patient. Your dedication will pay off at the end.